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                                  13th August 2013: Black is white. Fact. End of.
                                  11th August 2013: Electric cars, not as green as they're painted?
                                  18th June 2013: Wrinklies unite, you have nothing to lose but your walking frames!
                                  10th May 2013: We need to see past the sex and look at the crimes: is justice being served?
                                  30th April 2013: What the GOS says today, the rest of the world realises tomorrow ...
                                  30th April 2013: You couldn't make it up, could you? Luckily you don't need to ...
                                  29th April 2013: a vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE, because THE ABOVE are crap ...
                                  10th April 2013: Thatcher is dead; long live Thatcher!
                                  8th April 2013: Poor people are such a nuisance. Just give them loads of money and they'll go away ...
                                  26th March 2013: Censorship is alive and well and coming for you ...
                                  25th March 2013: So, what do you think caused your heterosexuality?
                                  20th March 2013: Feminists - puritans, hypocrites or just plain stupid?
                                  18th March 2013: How Nazi Germany paved the way for modern governance?
                                  13th March 2013: Time we all grew up and lived in the real world ...
                                  12th March 2013: Hindenburg crash mystery solved? - don't you believe it!
                                  6th March 2013: Is this the real GOS?
                                  5th March 2013: All that's wrong with taxes
                                  25th February 2013: The self-seeking MP who is trying to bring Britain down ...
                                  24th February 2013: Why can't newspapers just tell the truth?
                                  22nd February 2013: Trial by jury - a radical proposal
                                  13th February 2013: A little verse for two very old people ...
                                  25th January 2013: Global Warmers: mad, bad and dangerous to know ...
                                  25th January 2013: Bullying ego-trippers, not animal lovers ...
                                  19th January 2013: We STILL haven't got our heads straight about gays ...
                                  16th January 2013: Bullying ego-trippers, not animal lovers ...
                                  11th January 2013: What it's like being English ...
                                  7th January 2013: How best to put it? 'Up yours, Argentina'?
                                  7th January 2013: Chucking even more of other people's money around ...
                                  6th January 2013: Chucking other people's money around ...
                                  30th December 2012: The BBC is just crap, basically ...
                                  30th December 2012: We mourn the passing of a genuine Grumpy Old Sod ...
                                  30th December 2012: How an official body sets out to ruin Christmas ...
                                  16th December 2012: Why should we pardon Alan Turing when he did nothing wrong?
                                  15th December 2012: Unfair trading by a firm in Bognor Regis ...
                                  14th December 2012: Now the company that sells your data is pretending to act as watchdog ...
                                  7th December 2012: There's a war between cars and bikes, apparently, and  most of us never noticed!
                                  26th November 2012: The bottom line - social workers are just plain stupid ...
                                  20th November 2012: So, David Eyke was right all along, then?
                                  9th November 2012: Yet another celebrity who thinks, like Jimmy Saville, that he can behave just as he likes because he's famous ...
                                  5th November 2012: Whose roads are they, anyway? After all, we paid for them ...
                                  15th April 2012: Aah, sweet ickle polar bears in danger, aah ...
                                  28th February 2012: Just how useful is a degree? Not very.
                                  15th February 2012: DO go to Jamaica because you definitely WON'T get murdered with a machete. Ms Fox says so ...
                                  12th December 2011: Plain speaking by a scientist about the global warming fraud
                                  7th December 2011: All in all, not a good week for British justice ...
                                  9th November 2011: Well what d'you know, the law really IS a bit of an ass ...


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                                  "The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed" - Adolf Hitler
                                  "The thought that life could be better is woven indelibly into our hearts and our brains" - Paul Simon
                                  "When government doesn't agree with the people,
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                                  - Bertolt Brecht

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                                  We regret there will be no new posts on this website for the time being.
                                  This is for two reasons. Firstly our proprietor, variously known as The Grumpy Old Sod and "Captain Grumpy", has got himself involved with one or two other projects which are taking up more and more of his time. He's still grumpy, of course, but he doesn't have time to express his feelings except by swearing quietly under his breath and glaring a lot. He's also going to be away for several weeks writing his second novel, as quite a few people were foolish enough to buy the first one and even give it some rather good reviews. We're not going to tell you what it's called, though, because it's a secret.
                                  (Update January 2016: He's now up to his fifth novel. He ought to be jolly pleased, but in fact he's now even more grumpy because people won't buy the damn things. 'Twas ever thus - you can take the man out of the grumpy, but you can't take the grumpy ... no, forget that, it doesn't work, does it? ...)
                                  The second reason is that to some extent the website has served its purpose. You may have noticed, as The GOS has, that the mainstream newspapers are carrying an increasing number of just the sort of stories he has written about for the last eight years. It seems as though the nation has followed The GOS's example and taken to doing their own grumpy vituperation, becoming more and more alert to the stupidity and greed of those who govern us whether in Westminster, Whitehall or just the local council.
                                  Global Warming, for instance, which has featured so often here, is now pretty much dead in the water. The BBC is under constant attack for being the extravagant lefty propaganda machine we all know and detest. Local councils are increasingly coming under fire for their arrogant attitude and greedy persecution of motorists and shoppers. We all now know that the EU aims to rob us of our rights and subject us to a pan-European socialist state. And probably the best bit of news is that the secretive, vicious Social Services agencies, the Family Courts and Court of Protection have been widely recognised for their nasty, bullying behaviour and the way they have blithely kidnapped children, broken up innocent families and failed the genuinely vulnerable boys and girls who really needed them. Which is all brilliant, frankly, because why should The GOS do all the work?
                                  So he's taking a bit of a break. But while he's gone we've arranged to leave the website still available. There are literally thousands of pages for you to browse, because The GOS has been such a very busy boy, and the majority of the links in the Archive section still work, so go on, put your Grumpy Hat on and fill yer boots!
                                  We will just repeat our usual warning that if you disagree with, or object to, anything on this site you are welcome to send us an email by clicking the contact button on the left. We probably won't reply, but hey, get it off your chest anyway. If that isn't good enough for you, you can always start your own website. This is ours, and make no mistake about it, we're still REALLY CROSS!

                                  In the meantime our Grumpy Book is still available. It's called ...
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                                  ... with over 150 pages of inventive vituperation and dripping with sarcasm (as well as a few other stains of dubious origin) it includes some of the best early Grumpy Pages from this website, and the word f*cking appears at least eight times, seven of them on the same page. It will cost you just ten of your Earth pounds or the equivalent in dollars, euros, bhats, riyals or any other brand of Monopoly money.
                                  Be the first Grumpy Old Git on your street to own it! The perfect Christmas gift, guaranteed to maintain that traditional mood of indignant apoplexy right through Boxing Day and possibly beyond. It'll ruin Christmas for everyone else but you'll have a whale of a time, we promise. Buy it from or, if you have the misfortune to be an American, Tell your friends. If you have any.








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